Dutch courage: The potato covenant model shows the way

27 maart 2020 – Across the channel in the Netherlands a remarkable thing

Organic trial field at Randwijk harvested

August 2019 – In ideal conditions the organic trial field at Randwijk was

Visit Phytophthora trial field July 30th, 2019

The meeting first convenes indoors. Peter first commemorates the passing away last month

Testing for after-buising-darkening on trial samples 2018

Tubers from our yield trials 2018 were tested for after-bruising-darkening (ABD). Sample preparation

Model simulation of Phytophthora resistance in potato

On September 4th, 2018 in Wageningen a doctoral thesis titled ‘Social-ecological modelling of potato late blight. Managing crop resistance in disease control.’ was defended by Francine Pacilly. Promotor was Prof.dr.ir.

Trial fields 2018

2018 Was an exceptionally warm and dry growing season. The field test on Phytophthora resistance, for which we introduce and subsequently promote the disease on an isolated trial field, was

Selection of field generation 1 seedlings

Under ideal conditions selection of field generation 1 seedlings was carried out last month. Each individual plant potentially can be a new variety, and is therefore evaluated individually. Only the

Covenant Robust potato varieties

Breeders, growers, seed companies and retail have joined forces in order to have 100% of so called Robust varieties in the organic potato category by 2020. For which potential varieties

Bioimpuls visits the project partners

This season the Bioimpuls team visited the project partners Den Hartigh and HZPC to discuss progress and further expectations of the project, and view selection material out in the field.

Bioimpuls at the Biofach 2018 (Nürnberg, Germany)

At the Biofach 2018 Breeding court some room was made for the Bioimpuls program, as an example of a broadly supported participative potato breeding program. Further, Peter Keijzer presented a