Louis Bolk Instituut and Wageningen University & Research

Within Bioimpuls the Louis Bolk Institute and Wageningen University & Research conduct the central breeding Bioimpuls program to develop new genitors and varieties. New sources of resistance against late blight are introgressed. Yearly, seeds, seedlings or clones from new crossings are distributed tot he partners.

Breeding companies

The involved breeding companies are actively collaborating for cultivar development for the organic and sustainable conventional sector. Partners in the first five years were: Agrico/Bioselect, C. Meijer BV, Den Hartigh, Fobek, HZPC/Bonna Terra and KWS-Potato. Since 2016 the following companies are now partners: C. Meijer BV, Den Hartigh, Fobek, HZPC, Plantera en TPC.

Farmer breeders (‘hobby breeders’)

Within Bioimpuls the farmer breeders (also called ‘small breeders’ or ‘hobby breeders’) play an important role in the selection process. They yearly select in a number of progenies (‘clones’) from promissing crossings received through either one of the associated companies or the central breeding program of Bioimpuls. They evaluate and select in the received populations during at least three years, and return the selected clones to one of the partner companies for further evaluation and selection, and will eventually release varieties into market. We have now more than 10 farmer breeders involved.

Unique Dutch system

This hobby breeders model involving potato growers in the selection process of a breeding program exists more than 100 years and is a unique Dutch system. This model is specifically suited to serve a small sector such as the organic sector. That is why we pay extra attention tot he farmer breeders and organise yearly a potato breeding course, and published a manual, see Publications.